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Tory leader cashes in on Brum tornado

Rosie | 17.01.2006 19:25 | Social Struggles | Birmingham

David Cameron is visiting the tornado affected area and meeting local residents who had their homes damaged in the freak storm last July.

David Cameron.
David Cameron.

David Cameron the Tory Leader is coming to visit the Birchwood road/ Alder road tornado affected area on Friday between 3 - 4 pm.
He has arranged to visit a local resident to discuss the plight of local people affected by the tornado.

Cameron is cashing in on the tornado , he is using the disaster to furthur his own political career. Footage of him talking to ethnic minority residents in a innercity will help to 'boost' his ratings.

It would be good to give Cameron a cold welcome! Please come along to challenge, boo, shout, throw eggs etc. Whatever you feel like!

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