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Call out for National Day of Action to Defend Council Housing – 08/02/06

West Midlands Anarchists | 23.01.2006 15:25 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | London

Privatisation has been sweeping the UK and attacking the working class and the downtrodden for years. Housing, Transport, Hospitals, Gas, Schools and water are just part of an ever growing list of services and resources which have been sold off by the state to marauding capitalist groups.

‘Defend Council Housing’ has been working for years to stop people’s homes becoming the property of capitalist investors. The working class are facing a housing system were there are dire shortages, poor accommodation and they do not need this to be continued by private investors and then added to by increases in rent which all private housing associations have done country wide. These assaults on the working class must be stopped with all the strength of Anarchists, Trade Unionists, Anti Capitalists and all workers nationwide.

West Midlands Anarchists calls for all Anarchists and all workers, to join the rally called by ‘Defend Council Housing’ on the 8th February at Central Hall in Westminster at 12pm for the mass rally and then to march on parliament demanding an end to privatisation and for communities to have control over there own housing stocks not bureaucrats in local government or parasite capitalist thieves but working class people themselves. And this needs to be more than a one day affair; anarchists nationally need to get involved with the day to day local battles for better housing for working class people.

West Midlands Anarchists

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West Midlands Anarchists
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