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Birmingham students launch underground press

John Preece | 26.01.2006 12:09 | Culture | Education | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Students at the University of Birmingham have launched an alternative newspaper in response to recent expulsions at Matthew Boulton College and censorship of the existing newspaper.

Free Press
Free Press

Two students at Matthew Boulton College in Birmingham were expelled this month (see reports from NUS Online and UCE Union of Students) for distributing a short newsletter critical of ttheir university. Inspired by both this and an alternative press workshop at Shared Planet 2005, a group of students at the University of Birmingham started their own newsletter - The Radish.

The official student newspaper at Birmingham is Redbrick, on the go since 1936. However, all copy has to be approved by the Guild of Students and in recent months the censorship has been taken to extremes. No criticism of the Guild or University is allowed, and quotes have been altered. The Radish will feature side-by-side comparisons of censored and uncensored articles in one of the next two issues. A direct quote from a Guild staff member is: "Free speech is OK, if it is approved by us."

The Radish is a printed extension of an unofficial message board (at The official Guild message boards were closed down after complaints about censoring of online posts. All Radish issues are made available to download in PDF format.

We are currently seeking sustainable printers and advertisers, as (predictably) the Guild of Students will not allow us to use their facilities or apply for funding. Any information on sustainable paper suppliers, ethical (news)printers or potential advertisers in the Birmingham area will be gratefully received! We're moving up to an eight-page (two double-sided A3) issue with an initial distribution of 1000.

John Preece
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new web address

13.02.2006 03:10

Theres a new website address: Some good discussion been had!

Now into an 8 page issue, every 2 weeks.
Gig to raise funds on Sat 18th Feb, The Vale, Shakleton Bar.
Cracked actors, and some student bands as well.

- Homepage:


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