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Brum Indymedia 'Walmart' Screening: Thursday 29th June

one of imc brum | 28.06.2006 20:41 | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Birmingham Indymedia screening of the film Walmart: 'The High Cost Of Low Price' Thursday, June 29th 8:30pm at the Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham. The screening will feature a presentation by Space Hijacker Agent Calf about the trolley log-jamming exploits called "Whirl Mart". This will be accompanied by a short film of the action at Bromsgrove Asda called Whirl Mart. A Speaker from West Midlands Solidarity Federation will also talk about supporting workers struggles locally in the West Midlands.

Asda - whose owner, US supermarket giant Wal-Mart, is one of the biggest corporations in the world, it's revenue is only surpassed by three of the major global oil corporations. The film highlights the company's 'plantation style' capitalism and super-expoitation of its workforce both globally and locally; it's sourcing of products mainly in China; it's appalling treatment of employees; environmental damge; extraction of public subsidies away from public welfare (corporate welfare), and its impact on local communities and businesses. Wal-Mart has long resisted union rights in its home operations and now in the uk comes the recent news that Gmb Members in Asda-Walmart are to take strike action for 5 days from June 30 to 4th July.

one of imc brum