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Blair in Nottingham

John Shemeld | 14.07.2006 14:45 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Give the Warmonger the Welcome he Deserves!

Tony Blair in Nottingham.

Tony Blair is coming to Nottingham. We need to demonstrate against him.

Today's Nottingham Evening Post (Thursday, 13 July) says (page 10): "Prime Minister Tony Blair visits Nottingham this month to give a speech on public health".

We need to find out where and when and mount a demonstration against him. No to Privatisation would be appropriate.

If he's speaking on public health, maybe it's one of the hospitals? Does anyone who works in a hospital have any information? Have rooms been booked for a mysterious and important meeting? Are they re-painting doors and walls that don't need re-painting? Is it the East Midlands Conference Centre again?

We haven't much time; there's only 2 weeks of this month left. If you have any information at all, please pass it on to me (John) on 07739 712 432. All tip-offs treated in strictest confidence!

John Shemeld.

John Shemeld
- e-mail:


Stop Press -- venue discovered!!

24.07.2006 17:42

I applied for the event and actually got accepted!! The venue is

The Albert Hall
North Circus St
(off Derby Rd)

Doors open at 09:30, and the event will finish around 12:30.



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