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Stuff needed for climate camp

climate camp | 26.07.2006 14:51 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Birmingham | Cambridge | Liverpool | London | Oxford | Sheffield | South Coast | World

We need lots of stuff to make climate camp happen.

There are lots of things we need for the camp, most of which can be
found in skips, given away on freecycle, or tatted from building sites. The
more of this stuff we find, the more sustainable (and cheaper) the site
will be to set up.

The wish list is here:

There will be prizes at the camp for whoever (individuals and neighbourhoods) can supply the most tat, and for the most imaginative or audacious items tatted!

It is REALLY IMPORTANT that you e-mail or
phone (07950 322848) if you can supply any of it; otherwise we will
be buying lots of things we don't need. We can help with transport but
need advance warninvery soon.

We also DESPERATELY need storage space in Yorkshire, please get in
touch if you can help

climate camp
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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  1. why do I blab ? — tipster
  2. anyone fancy some camping before the climate camp? — squirrrello