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Angela Patterson, Back in the Wars

NCADC | 03.08.2006 15:29 | Migration | Birmingham

It has been exactly one year since Angela had been taken into
detention and the fight to save her life commenced. Some of you will
remember (NCADC Bulletin: Save Angela Maria Patterson 31/10/2005) that she was blinded and shot in Jamaica, attacked in Birmingham and assaulted
at Heathrow airport when she resisted removal.

A battle with the Home Office resulted in Angela being released from
detention on Friday 23rd December 2005 and a fresh asylum claim

On Tuesday morning, 1st August 2006, she awoke in a wonderful mood.
She had an appointment at Dudley Road Eye Centre for a consultant to
examine her damaged eye. At the hospital it was decided to operate on
the eye to remove some flesh that was tethering the eye to the eye
socket. This needed an overnight stay and the police were informed
that she would be late for her noon signing appointment on Wednesday
2nd August.

She was discharged from hospital at about 5.00 pm on Wednesday. Her
face was swollen and her eye discharging and sticky. The operation
had resulted in a plastic shield being inserted over the eye that has
to be removed on Monday 7th August, when a date would be set for a
second operation.

She was collected from the hospital, taken for a small meal, and
transported to Telford Malinsgate Police Station for her weekly

She arrived about 6.30pm was immediately captured, served with a
notice that her fresh asylum claim had been refused and also served
with removal directions for Monday the 7th August. The refusal notice
was dated the 21st July 2006 and immigration officials at the police
station said it had probably not been sent to her solicitors.

So the campaign is back in action, twice airlines have refused to
carry Angela as they were of the opinion that Angela was medically
unfit to travel the third time Angela resisted.

All the background information can be found @

John Catley on behalf of the campaign to 'Save Angela Maria Patterson'

What you can do to help
Friends of Angela Patterson in Birmingham are organising a fax
campaign to try and persuade Liam Byrne the Immigration Minister to
change his mind about removing Angela, model letter attached,
(copy/amend/write your own version).
Fax No: 020 7035 4745 from outside the UK + 20 7035 4745

Please notify the campaign of any faxes sent:

Inquiries/further information:
Save Angela Maria Patterson
110 Hamstead Road
Birmingham B20 2QS



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Angela Patterson back where she belongs

16.08.2006 17:58

Angela Patterson had just been released from Dungavel IRC and is on her way back to the West Midlands, her campaign wishes to thank everyone who faxed the Home Office.

Background Angela Patterson