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Hiroshima Day action against glorification of war

Wrekin Stop War | 08.08.2006 09:10 | Anti-militarism | Birmingham

On the 6th August 2006 members of Wrekin Stop war took part in an action to mark the 61st anniversary of the atomic destruction of the civilian city of Hiroshima.

A bomb being used as a donation tin (a sick joke?)
A bomb being used as a donation tin (a sick joke?)

The action took place at the Cosford RAF museum and training base in Staffordshire.
Many visitors come to this museum to see the sanitized history of British death culture. The facility has many modern fighter planes, nuclear warhead delivery systems and other military equipment on display.

Wrekin Stop War hoped to reach out to the public with an alternative view. The money spent on the military by the UK and USA to enrich capitalist elites and plunder weaker nations must stop. we need to spend money on health care and genuine education at home and around the world if we are to have real world peace. The UK is planning to spend billions of tax payers' money on a Trident Missile replacement. A recent report stated that the majority of British citizens believe that Trident is not needed and that resources need to be directed to social programs at home.

Wrekin Stop War activists handed out many leaflets pointing out these issues. We put stickers with slogans such as "State Terrorism is Still Terrorism", " No Trident Replacement" and " Democratic Bombs Kill Too" on displays and military equipment

There were many families there that day with young children. It was a sad sight to see these young people impressed by the death machines, subjected to military indoctrination. If only these young people could see the civilian victims next to the fighter planes and bombs, images of the lives lost, bodies smashed and communities destroyed.

Once the security staff caught sight of our actions they informed us that if we continued to deface military property with our stickers then the military police would be called to escort us from the facility. We were threatened with the prospect of them calling "the powers that be". We had run out of stickers anyway, so we moved to the reception area to hand out leaflets. Again we were told that this was not allowed, but that they would gladly take our leaflets to their superiors to vet the content! Then, if they found them acceptable they would display them for us!!! We declined this offer and carried on.

In the Trident display hanger one of the staff members told us with a straight face " If it was not for a nuclear deterrent, we would all be speaking Russian". We were also asked to "crawl back into the hole you crawled out of", maybe a hole in Palestine or Lebanon made by British bombs.

Many people took our fliers. With the on-going conflicts around the world that the UK has been dragged into by lies, we hope that we have raised important issues for ordinary citizens to think about and act on.

Wrekin Stop War
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