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Cottage Social Centre Events

White Lunar | 09.08.2006 15:17 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Forthcoming events at the Cottage Social Centre

The Cottage Social Centre

147 Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11 1SS.

6pm SPANISH workshop.
A non-competitive peer2peer sharing of knowledge and abilities, learning Spanish.
8pm FACE MASSAGE workshop. Learn how to massage a face for fun and
(social) profit.

7.30pm INDYMEDIA: the birmingham collective meeting. This will include an INTRODUCTION TO INDYMEDIA

7pm Climate Change Action meeting #2 - hopefully this event will
live up to the first meet on Friday, which included a barbecue and bar.
8pm Film night.

Don't forget the Cafe of Content will be open for all these events
(depending on staff numbers) and intermittently throughout the days with
it's established range of juices, smoothies, tea, toasties and tisanes,
with the occasional full meal.

Do drop round the social centre when you can, not just when there is an event on. There is a well stocked library (lending on request), chess, table tennis, and a welcoming friendly atmosphere. If you want to get involved in the running of the centre and the campaign for the building just step up!

White Lunar