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Birmingham Indymedia screening @ the Cottage Social Centre tonight!

brum imcista | 11.08.2006 17:49 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Indymedia | Birmingham

This is the third in a series of weekly screenings at Birmingham's latest autonomous social centre, the Cottage Social Centre. This evening, Friday August 11th 2006, in conjunction with the second Camp for Climate Action meeting, we will be screening a selection of films on the themes of resistance to ecological destruction and linking the phenomenon of petroleum addiction with war and global warming.

We will be showing:

Cheeky Apocalypse
"Cheeky Apocalypse" A new campaign film examining the media's treatment of climate change, sampling TV coverage during 2003's heatwave. Ecological apocalypse refracted through the Cheeky Girls, sun-tan oil and petroleum addiction, war and global warming, plus some great music (all together now, "Olá, olé....").

Shell Garage Blockade
This is a 15 minute film of the action in north london where a shell petrol station was closed down for more than four hours by activists in solidarity with the people in county mayo fighting the offshore refinery and pipeline. the action took place on 18th feb 2006

The Coconut Revolution, The (Bougainville story)
This is the modern-day story of a native peoples' remarkable victory over Western Colonial power. A Pacific island rose up in arms against giant mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) - and won despite a military occupation and blockade. When RTZ decided to step up production at the Panguna Mine on the island of Bougainville, they got more than they bargained for. The island's people had enough of seeing their environment ruined and being treated as pawns by RTZ.

The Oil Factor
Today, 6.5 billion humans depend entirely on oil for food, energy, plastics & chemicals. Population growth is on a collision course with the inevitable decline in oil production. George Bush's "war on terror" happens where 3/4 of the world's remaining oil and natural gas is located.

Birmingham Indymedia is screening films every friday at the Cottage Social Centre in Sparkbrook Birmingham. Click here for directions.

Entrance is FREE, donations welcome...

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