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Deaths in Custody

Pauline Campbell | 11.08.2006 21:02 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Deaths in Custody (police and prison custody)
- article published on 11 August 2006,
following the conclusion of the Michael (Mikey) Powell case

Mikey Powell, aged 38, and father-of-three, died in 2003, in the care and custody of West Midlands Police.
The family has described the acquittal of 10 police officers as a "travesty of justice".
Article published in The Birmingham Post, 11 August 2006.
Perspective: "Deaths in Custody"
Article written by:
Pauline Campbell
[Mother of Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, 18, who died in the 'care' of HMP & YOI Styal, 18.01.03]

Pauline Campbell
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