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Climate Camp Meeting Number 3

Tree | 14.08.2006 14:39 | Culture | Ecology | Globalisation | Birmingham

There will be a third meeting Friday 18th August at The Occupied Social Centre in Sparkbrook at 7.00pm ( The Cottage of Content Occupied Social Centre, 147 Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook, B11 1SS:[url],-1.881216&spn=0.003059,0.010729[/url]) for anyone interested in coming to climate camp from the West Midlands/Birmingham.

There may be snacks, otherwise there will plenty of hot drinks and smoothies for all!

This will be an important meeting as it will deal with the practical aspects of the camp. Lots of people are needed as Birmingham Neighbourhood has been assigned its own kitchen and communal area. 150 workshops are now planned across 10 days. The camp will also boast composting toilets, greywater systems, and water/washing facilities with the oppurtunity to learn and get involved in setting these systems up.

More information on Climate Camp can be found at: