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28%: 'Removals Failure' Rate

One of NoBorders | 19.08.2006 16:18 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | Birmingham

The Daily Mail today published a report about "hundreds of asylum seekers escaping deportation." But whlie the newspaper, famous for its racist attacks on immigrants and asylum seekers, attributed this 'failure' to the "incompetence by the Government's shambolic immigration department", activists and anti-deportation campaigns quite surely have a lot to do with it.

As recently as last week, a number of failed and successful asylum seekers, along with their supporters, met in Birmingham to build up campaigns against their possible deportation. The result was reviving the West Midlands Anti-Deportation Campaigns (WMADC), which disbanded in 2000, after 15 years of successful campaigns.

One of NoBorders