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12 Deaths in Immigration Custody

NCADC | 08.09.2006 17:27 | Migration | Repression | Birmingham

NCADC has obtained the information below under the Freedom of Information Act.

Died 8.10.89 Siho Iyiguveni Tur/M/1963
Old Harmondsworth
He and another Turk barricaded (5 October 1989) themselves in a bedroom and set light to bedding.
from injuries sustained
Misadventure The other Turk survived serious injuries

15 June 1990 Kimpua Nsimba
ZAR/M/1966 Old Harmondsworth
Found hanging in toilets

24 January 2000 Robertus GRABYS
LTU/M/1950 Old Harmondsworth
Found hanging in a shower unit

31 January 2003 Mihail Bondarchuk
UKR/M/1960 Haslar IRC Found hanging in
a dormitory Suicide (24.4.03)

7 May 2003 Olga Blaskevica LVA/F/1974
Harmondsworth IRC
Found in room with ligature around neck; killed by husband Olegs Pavlovs
Mr Pavlovs has been remanded in custody [and chargedŠ..]

1 May 2004 Kabeya Dimuka-bijoux
DRC/M/1970 Haslar IRC Collapsed
in gym while exercising; staff were unable to
resuscitate Natural causes (7-8/07/05)
Was exercising after large meal. Post mortem
states cause of death 'undetermined' (10.6.04)

19 July 2004 Sergey Baranyuk UKR/M/ Harmondsworth IRC
Found hanging in a shower room.
Awaiting verdict Inquest 9/10/06

23 July 2004 Tung Tran Quang VMN/M/1980 Dungavel IRC
Found hanging in the showers Awaiting verdict

19 October 2004 Peter Kenny NGA/M/ Colnbrook IRC
Jumped from 3rd floor landing
Awaiting verdict Inquest 11/9/06

27 June 2005 Ramazan Kumluca TUR/M/1987 Campsfield IRC
Found hanging by belt Awaiting verdict

14 September 2005 Manuel Pereira BRAVO ANG/M/1971 Yarl's Wood IRC
Found hanging on stair case with ligature around neck.
Awaiting verdict Inquest 19/9/06

19 January 2006 Bereket Yohaness ERI/M/1980 Harmondsworth
Found hanging in room with ligature around his neck.
Awaiting verdict