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International day to support 'Il Silvestre' prisoners (Italy) - Fri 15 September

anarchists | 14.09.2006 19:17 | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Four months have passed since 10 comrades of the 'Il Slvestre' group (who produce the eco-anarcho magazine 'Terra Selvaggia' ) have been arrested (5 in prison and 5 under house arrest), accused of subversive association. This is one of many Italian government attempts to destroy a group that in the course of the years has produced a lot of newspapers, pamphlets, meetings, demos, solidarity, books, etc.

The peculiarity of 'Il Silvestre' has been to seek a link in the struggles in defence of the Earth and the ones in defence of all living beings, against biotechnology, vivisection, prisons, psychiatry, social control, and others.

Never hiding the hate against political structures, never hiding support for direct action.

No compromise in the defence of the Earth!

We consider that dispersion, isolation and torture of prisoners are a "normal" behaviour of a police State. But not for this we will surrender. The free and wild spirit of our comrades roars behind the bars where they are locked.

May we hear their call?

Every group, collective or individual can show solidarity in every possible way - Attack the System!

With them in our hearts!

International day to support Silvestre prisoners (Pisa, Italy) - Friday 15 September

With Love and Rage!

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