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URGENT: Cottage Social Centre Eviction threat - 15th September

The Cottage Autonomous Social Centre Collective | 14.09.2006 23:25 | Free Spaces | Birmingham

Thursday 14th September the Cottage Social centre has received an eviction notice from bailiffs, contracted by Birmingham City Council, stating that we are "required to vacate at once".

We're not entirely sure that this means tomorrow morning, as they haven't provided us with a date with which to vacate, but we are preparing to resist any threat of eviction this evening in anticipation that this could happen tomorrow morning.

We are calling on help and solidarity from the local community who have been involved in the social centre and it's aim to re-instate what was their local community and youth centre to help us resist this eviction threat.

More information about the Cottage and it's relationship as a Social Centre to the local community is available here:

In Solidarity,

The Cottage Autonomous Social Centre Collective

Below are details of the Bailiffs contracted by Birmingham City Council and the Senior Cabinent member for Regeneration, Conservative Councillor Ken Hardeman, who we believe is behind this eviction.

Conservative Councillor Ken Hardeman

Tel: 0121 303 4869
Fax: 0121 303 1362


John Marston and Co
High Court Enforcement Officers
24-26 Broadway North
West Midlands

tel: 01922 72077
fax: 01922 647222


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