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gorgeous BIRMINGHAM CITY CENTRE 5 storey Victorian Building to be DEMOLISHED

whisperingslim | 15.09.2006 18:04 | Culture | Social Struggles | Birmingham

this buildings @ intersection of Lower essex Street/ Bromsgrove st

birmingham is tearing down its great buildings at a horrendous pace and will be lost forever

this would make a great squat as there is a terrace 4 oil drum bbq's it would make a great refuge 4 responsible homless people or even a youth hostel . i fear it is in iminent danger from cash hungery developers ;(

lets hope it can be saved



The Arts and Crafts Movement.

16.09.2006 18:30

An example of Arts and Crafts neglect on Hagley Road
An example of Arts and Crafts neglect on Hagley Road

It is quite rediculous (and a total outrage) that the majority of these fine Victorian buildings being allowed to rot and eventually demolished, are part of the Arts and Crafts Movement at the end of the 19th Century. Such illuminaries of this great part of British architectual history was that of William Morris. The Birmingham born neo-classiscist Burne-Jones was also part of this movement (The Central Birmingham Art Gallery holds the largest collection of Burne-Jones' work in the world).

Birmingham is also home to much Arts and Crafts architecture as well as probably one of the largest collections of Victorian Gothic Revival- much of which is being allowed to rot away- in Britain.

Many people don't realise that St Chad's just off Masshouse circus was designed by Pugin who designed the tower that Big Ben (the bell in the houses of parliament) is housed.

All one needs to do is to take a trip down Hagley road (for one example) towards Bearwood to see the many examples of the Arts and crafts in architecture slowly rotting away.

I'm sorry Birmingham City Council, but the Selfridges building is just another designed-in-CAD monstosity which in 20 years time will be seen as yet another eyesore within Birmingham's centre. Also much to contary belief, much of the city centre wasn't destroyed by german planes during the 2nd world war, but by our own ignorant collection of city planners during the last century.

Tom Fenn
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