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National Housing Federation Conference Providing Shelter for Corporate Bully?

The Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice (Re-Crest Nicholson Plc) | 20.09.2006 02:13 | Education | Health | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London

Birmingham International Convention Centre…20th-22nd September 2006, “The Annual Conference and Social Housing Exhibition 2006 is the most important event in the housing calendar. It is a 'must attend' for everyone involved in social housing”. Too exhausted to attend but nevertheless with very good reason, one Family openly invites the Federation to resist associations with corporate bullies.

Flashback Shalom Family Campaigner for Social Justice NHF Conference ICC 2006
Flashback Shalom Family Campaigner for Social Justice NHF Conference ICC 2006

In a very direct letter, sent by way of fax, to the National Housing Federation’s Chief Executive, Mr. David Orr, the Shalom Family from Wales have made the following appeal, as they continue in their Family Campaign for Social Justice from Crest Nicholson Plc.

The letter is reproduced below:

David Orr
Chief Executive National Housing Federation
Lion Court
25 Procter Street

19th September 2006

Sent by Fax 020 7067 1011

Dear Mr. Orr,

National Housing Federation (NHF) Annual Conference and Exhibition 2006

Invited Guest Speaker Mr. John Callcutt CBE

Chief Executive Officer of English Partnerships

With reference to the above and our previous enquiries to you regarding our Family Campaign for Social Justice from Crest Nicholson Plc, we respectfully ask you, your organisation and your respective associates, to kindly refrain from associating with proven corporate bullies.

May we kindly remind you that Mr. John Callcutt CBE comes to your National Conference and Housing Exhibition with a documented history of being negligent in his primary duties, (to enforce health and safety) as former Chief Executive Officer of Crest Plc.

As a direct result, coupled with his mendacious qualities, Mr. Callcutt, in directing Crest Plc, was most instrumental in bringing about the total destruction of our Family’s beautiful way of life, our decently-safe and satisfactory Family Home of 14 years, and the total seizure of our entire Family possessions, which still remain seized and not properly accounted for.

We accept that the NHF Conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, will attract many guest ‘key note’ speakers between 20th and 22nd September and we acknowledge that the following individuals are due to speak:

Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP, Minister for Housing and Planning, Department for Communities and Local Government, Barry Gardiner MP, Minister for Biodiversity, Landscape and Rural Affairs, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,
Jon Rouse, Chief Executive, Housing Corporation, Steve Bundred, Chief Executive, Audit Commission, Sir Les Elton, Chair of the Elton Review, Tom Bloxham, Group Chairman and Co-Founder, Urban Splash, Lord Best OBE, Director, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Ed Mayo, Chief Executive, National Consumer Council and Chair of Tenant Involvement Commission, National Housing Federation, Sir Mathew Pincent CBE, Quadruple Olympic Gold Medallist Rower .

In the present circumstances, we do not believe that Mr. John Callcutt CBE, Chief Executive Officer of English Partnerships, should be afforded any opportunity to address conference.

We appreciate, from the National Housing Federation's website, that the Conference sets out to:

“assemble the experience and knowledge of our partners, stakeholders, and others from the public, voluntary and private sectors in a unique networking environment”

“help to build the capacity, confidence and independence of associations to achieve better results for their neighbourhoods and customers”

“enable you to participate in a programme that aims to create major change in the housing sector, which is integral to the iN business for neighbourhoods agenda and to influence opinion formers, government and regulatory agencies”

With these noble aims in mind, we kindly ask you again for your attention to the following public website at .

We kindly remind you that Mr. John Callcutt has previously implied (by way of letter) that we should rely upon ‘housing association’ (or local council) accommodation. In effect, this would be to ‘correct’ his and his former organisations’ gross ‘mistakes’, in that between them, our Family remains - literally homeless! As advised earlier, we are not aware of any housing association policy of ‘picking up the mess’ of an individuals or house building/developers’ mistakes! Neither do we accept that the British tax-payer should provide for this bizarre situation.

Accordingly, we reiterate our belief that it would interest and perhaps benefit your membership to be aware of the ‘developer’ and home-builder whose organisation, we believe, has failed to ‘live-up-to’ the, ‘Business in the Community’, publicised operating ethos, of ‘Responsible Business Practice’, and/or, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’. Under the Chairmanship of Mr. John Matthews, Crest Nicholson Plc has recently moved their head office operations to:- Crest Nicholson Plc, Crest House, Pyrcroft Road, Chertsey, Surrey, England. KT16 9GN.

In view of the above, we respectfully ask you to consider all implications of the matter in hand. With our five daughters, who knew no other ‘way of life’ than houseboat living, we would like to be able to move on with our lives. Being so devastated makes this impossible.

Perhaps you would also be kind enough to express any concerns with the Baroness Margaret Ford of Cunninghame, Chair of English Partnerships, who presently seem none too bothered in holding the appointment of John Callcutt CBE, as their Chief Executive Officer.

We again respectfully invite you and the National Housing Federation to support our Family Campaign for Social Justice from Crest Nicholson Plc. Please encourage Crest Plc via their Chair, Mr. John Matthews, to revisit this case based solely upon the record and merit.

We kindly inform you that this is an ‘open letter’ and if you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Marie Louise & Vincent Shalom

With our Daughters, Hannah, Naomi, Rachel, Rebekah and Jessica
(Also evicted from the only home they ever knew)

National Housing Federation:
Lion Court
25 Procter Street

Telephone: 020 7067 1010

Fax: 020 7067 1011


FAMILY CAMPAIGN via the Website at Houseboat Eviction

The Shalom Family Campaign for Social Justice (Re-Crest Nicholson Plc)
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