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W.Mids Anti-Racist Conference

Rich | 26.09.2006 15:42 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Birmingham

Birmingham Council House, 10AM -1.30PM.
To secure a place contact 07837 244 518 or
They are organising a conference inviting all union/ student unions/ anti-racist groups, faith groups, Community and Ethnic Mionority Organisations, anti-fascists to discuss a co-ordinated response to the BNP who have 49 council seats and
will be standing in next years elections.

a regional conference is being oraganised, speakers include ellectoralist Cllr Salma Yaqoob (unfortunately) as well as various union / UAF bods (hopefully not all SWP stooges).

There will be workshops on Immigration and Assylum

Music to stop the fascists

Dealing with BNP councillors


Defending Multicultarlism

It may be an opportunity for anti-authoritarians to spread the ideas/ literature / help influence strategy.......

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