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Sharon Ebanks and the BNP

Darkish Red | 20.10.2006 06:02 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Liverpool

Worth reading

Interesting article about Sharon Ebanks and the BNP at Lancaster UAF blog

Darkish Red


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Ebanks sacked...

20.10.2006 16:55

It looks like Ebanks has been sacked from the BNP at last. See article for available details.

- Homepage:

calderdale lib dem/ bnp alliance

20.10.2006 17:23

heard a rumour today that the libdems in calderdale are willing to form a pact with the bnp to out the tories...anyone shed any light on this ? regards

concerned of gipton


20.10.2006 18:16

That's a bit old and I gather the LibDems are saying it's factually incorrect and are considering legal action - but here you go.



20.10.2006 23:42

thanks for the lib dem link..hpoe it's factually incorrect as you say, glad to see that sharon ebanks has fallen out with old one eye....any one read stormfront ? have a look and see if you can spot my posting on the ebanks section...those dozy fascists are so trusting, regards

concerned of gipton

Lib/Indy/BNP alliance

21.10.2006 10:17

Yep there is a possibility of an alliance between lib Dems 5 or so Independents and 2 BNP councillors to take control of council from Tories.

However Richard Mulhall of BNP now under severe pressure to resign. He's just been found guilty of dole fraud at Crown Court!

Calderdale Resident

More here...

21.10.2006 10:37

Love Stormfront - it's a laugh a minute and shows the right up for precisely what they are! Couldn't spot your post though - there are so many dissenting voices on there. :-D

More fun with Sharon Ebanks and the BNP

Darkish Red