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Bristol Chapter of Westside Neighbourhood Occupy Shell Garage

climatecamper | 24.10.2006 14:15 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Birmingham

Against Shell and in Solidarity with Rossport

At a shell garage on the main commuter route in and out of Bristol, activists occupied a shell service station, against Shell's contribution to climate and in solidarity with Rossport

Three People occupied the roof for around three hours, whilst about another dozen handed out leaflets and indulged in some in promptu street theatre.

The police choose not to close down the petrol station, although they probably should have done on health and safety grounds not least since there was a polar bear, a pirate and a scuba diver on the roof.

A small sound system kept things lively and a couple of passers by joined in with the protest. The police presence reached it’s peak at three squad cars, though even the law couldn’t control The Sea, who defied the Canute – like officers, washing over the forecourt due to rising sea levels.

This is part of a on going campaign, which partly gained it’s impetus from the Climate Camp held in Yorkshire at the end of the summer. We hope to inspire others to take action in their locality, as the Camp inspired us to.



Short video of protest

24.10.2006 16:40


Bristol Support for Rossport

25.10.2006 11:35

In a separate action on the same day, two other Shell garages were targetted - those at Arnos Castle and Hartcliffe Way.

Vegetable oil was poured onto the forecourts, partially closing them at both sites.

The action was intended to cause Shell to realise that its actions in Rossport will affect its profits in other areas.


shell retailer - franchisee of 12 petrol stations!!! (shell uk ltd)

30.11.2006 10:30

hiya everyone,
the protest you held on one of my shell sites was unnecessary and as i have told other protesters you should'nt do it on my forecourt and you dont seem to realise that that "SHELL UK LTD" does not own the petrol station but sells franchises to promote its company name "SHELL" and dont tell me to change suppliers because they are all the same realy but shell have a better name than the rest of them.

shell does'nt lose any money you see us indipendant retailers do we can lose up to £5000.00 per day, we pay shell a fixed rate (shell fixed royalty) and no matter how much we sell or dont sell we have to pay it.

if you have any problems then phone shell uk ltd its self and get it sorted yeah!!!

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if you enter any of the above shell service stations then criminal charges will be brung upon you so you can take this as a warning ok! FUCK OFF AND STAY AWAY FROM ALL MY SHELL SERVICE STATIONS i dont want your fucking money i ratha you shove it up your arse hole's!! why dont you get tidy jobs and STOP trying to ruin us indipentant retailers

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C L Jones
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chris jones shell retailer - franchisee of 12 petrol stations