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Birmingham Climate Action Camp Mtg Wed 17th

Jane | 15.01.2007 16:35 | Climate Camp 2007 | Ecology | Birmingham

Its official: Climate Camp 2007 is going to happen!

The national Climate Action Camp gathering in Leeds this weekend - attended by over 60 people - set the dates of the camp for 14th - 21st August.

There are loads of jobs to do and organising groups that people can join such as site practicalities, fundraising, action support, networking, publicity, legal etc etc. Check out the website for further details of how to get involved and/or come to local meetings.

A network of people in Birmingham who are committed to organising for the camp have started to meet regularly; the next meeting is on Wednesday 17th January 8pm at the Spotted Dog, Alcester Street Digbeth. The pub is on the corner of Alcester St and Warwick St. See

There will be feedback from the national gathering and a chance for everyone to feed into the national organising process. Hope to see you there and start spreading the word!