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Stop the Deportation of Iraqi/Kurdish Asylum Seekers

John O | 23.01.2007 07:15 | Migration | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | London

Reports today show that more than 2 million Iraqi refugees, fleeing conflict in their homeland, are being supported in neighbouring countries including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, which are struggling to cope with the exodus. Some countries are preventing refugees from crossing their borders, contrary to international law, and prompting international aid agencies to warn of a humanitarian crisis.

Protest against the resumption of 'Charter Flights' Manchester 19/01/2007
Protest against the resumption of 'Charter Flights' Manchester 19/01/2007

Stop the Deportation of Iraqi/Kurdish Asylum Seekers

Demonstration 4.00pm to 6.00pm

Home Office - Wednesday 24th January
2 Marsham Street

Another Charter Flight
The Home Office are planning to remove failed asylum seeking Iraqi/Kurds by 'Charter flight' in the very near future, they have refused to give the date of the planned flight. The Immigration & Nationality Department (IND) would only say: 'Removal is to be effected by charter flight. For reasons of operational security it is not the policy of the Immigration Service to disclose logistical information about such removals but we anticipate removal will be before the end of February.' Then says 48 hours notice will be given.

Protest against the resumption of 'Charter Flights' Manchester 19/01/2007

The Home Office is continuing to arrest and detain failed asylum seeking Iraqi/Kurds across the UK with the intent to deport them.

Iraqi is not safe for anyone, violence continues to spiral: UNHCR estimates that there are at least 1.6 million Iraqis internally displaced with at least another 1.8 million in neighbouring states.

Iraqi/Kurdish asylum seekers are the victims of war and uncertain future.

Join us outside the Home Office to make the following demands:

o Stop the policy of enforced returns of failed asylum seeking Iraqi/Kurds to northern Iraq.

o Release all detainees.

o Review cases of all who are still waiting and let treat them according to the European Human Rights law.

o Recognise that Iraq is not safe for anyone, and that people should not be returned there.

o Regularise the status of asylum seekers from Iraq to whom they have so far refused protection, by giving them leave to remain, and the right either to work or to decent levels of benefits, in line with the proposals made by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants in their document "Recognising Rights, Recognising Political Realities" published on 13 July.

We urge all organizations, human rights campaigners, refugee organizations and trade unions to support us and make every effort to end this inhumane policy of the Home office.

For further information:
Osman Fatah: 077 4616 6518
Burhan Fatah: 079 290 10257
Saman Sardam: 077 995 0714.

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