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Government Operated Unlawful Policy Over the Detention of Young Asylum Seekers

one of noborders | 27.01.2007 00:01 | Migration | Repression | Birmingham

Home secretary John Reid admitted, during a High Court test case in which under-18's were seeking damages for loss of liberty, that the government operated an "unlawful policy" over the detention of scores of young asylum seekers. The asylum seekers, in four test cases, aged under 18 when they arrived unaccompanied in the UK but where treated as adults by the Home Office. Unaccompanied children as young as 14 have been detained with adults for long periods and subjected to inappropriate behaviour by staff and other detainees

Of course, the story was almost ignored by mainstream media, which preferred to focus on the released paedophile and the over-crowdedness of 'normal' prisons.

A written statement from the Home Office to the High Court in London said:

"The Secretary of State has concluded that the approach to detention in disputed age cases, prior to a change in policy on November 30, 2005, did not strike the right balance between, on the one hand, the interests of firm and fair immigration control and, on the other hand, the importance of avoiding the detention of unaccompanied children, save in exceptional cases and limited circumstances."

one of noborders