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Sam Of Cafe )ne 5 ways still won't return my property

WhisperingSlim | 31.01.2007 19:36 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

he kept me waiting outside 1 hour
to tell me I was racist scum and so was the rest of my generation
still won,t return the best ever painting i did;(

sam seriously pissed me off again today I waited paitently for him to finsh his yoga as i didnt want to interupt the class!

(he didnt have the decency to tell me he didnt have my painting b4 the class started>;)

he called me"a racist scum, just the same as the rest of my generation" v upsetting, tried to grapple me away from outside cafe, felt like retaliating but im not violent person!
eventually left as i didnt want to disrupt belly dancing class !

any further ideas folks I WANT THIS PAINTING BACK!

thanks for all your cooperation

have to remeber the critical mass this time>;)

peace love harmony;)



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