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Support the Boycott Israel Campaign

Boycott Israel | 02.02.2007 14:02 | Social Struggles | Birmingham

2007 marks the 40-year anniversary of the Six Day War, in which the Israeli army took military control of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Since that time the government of Israel has built 'settlements' in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and assisted its citizens in setting up homes and businesses using land and resources stolen from the Palestinian people.

This situation has continued to the current day despite Israel being in violation of international humanitarian law and over 60 UN resolutions.


Make sure you are not buying from Israeli companies or those that invest in or support Israel. These companies continue to line their pockets with profits whilst the Palestinians continue to be oppressed in their own land. The Occupation has created serious poverty for the Palestinians, as well as severe human rights violations.

Support the Boycott Israel Campaign

Make sure you are not buying from Israeli companies or those that invest in or support Israel. Utilise the Innovative Minds( resources on this.

1. Use the Boycott Israel pages to learn more about products and companies

2. Distribute Boycott Israel cards

1. Visit the Innovative Minds Boycott Israel page to find comprehensive resources on which products to boycott,

2. Order some wallet sized Boycott Israel cards with the names of companies that support Israel on it. These cards are an indispensable resource and useful for distribution at Mosques, Colleges, Universities and Workplaces. Please order as many as you need for free distribution. Contact the IHRC office to order some on (+44) 20 8904 4222 or email

The cards are free but please consider a donation towards postage costs.

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