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150 attend Jill Phipps memorial live exports demo-Dover

pirate | 03.02.2007 16:02 | Animal Liberation | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London | South Coast

First report of the annual memorial

Around 150 people- incl some guys called Alf, attended animal rights campaigner Jill Phipps's memorial during the anti-live exports demo in Dover, Kent -Feb 3.

We started with the speeches from CIWF and the Green Party etc,and then from
Jill's relative.
(Followed by a reminder of the forthcoming massacre in Russia
of the 9-12 day old baby seals on the White Sea -March 1 for three weeks-
around 41000 per year).

There were perhaps a fewer number of Mr Plod's out to hamper things along- but the local trafic warden ticketted the Veggies van cos it was parked slightly wrongly-allegedly. We all happily chipped in to help pay the fine.

Parade was along the seafront to Harbour Board HQ, where a short noisy rally - the old ladies raised their cry of "Eeeevil", etc etc, -took place whilst the CEO of the DHB,Mr Goldfield who had come all the way from Nottingham apparently, redceived the latest emad to end the trade thru the port.
We the paraded through part of the town centre, (plod not wanting us all the way round it apparently, one Plod stood right in front of a tea-shop doorway- presumably to stop the naughty teadrinkers getting out and objecting???)- and then back to the Eastern Docks entrance for the memorial.



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