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A Class Critical Mass

Dig for Victory | 04.02.2007 19:14 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Friday 2nd February – St Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham City Centre

The second Critical Mass cycle ride of 2007 was to celebrate the legal appeal victory of Daniel Cadden who refused to cycle in the gutter.

trailer sound system
trailer sound system

Critical Mass has steadily seen increasing numbers of riders taking part. This month almost 30 Birmingham cyclists met up for a cycle ride around the city centre to highlight the increasing presence of cyclists on our streets. The rides are expected to increase the consciousness of other road-users to the safety needs of cyclists as well as demonstrating that cycling is a fun, viable, healthy and environmentally-benign alternative to infernal combustion powered vehicles.

This month’s ride saw the arrival of Birmingham Critical Mass’ first junior rider in the shape of a two-year-old trailer passenger. Throughout the ride she was able to luxuriate in her carriage and enjoy a range of popular songs related to cycling. The ride was also publicised on the sound system using a sampled voice declaring ‘We are Critical Mass, come ride with us’.

Next month’s Mass will also be accompanied by a musical trailer and it is hoped that people will submit their favourite tunes beforehand for inclusion in a compilation to be played as the ride goes on. This will take place over the Brum Critical Mass group. Sign up now, submit your tune ideas and come and hear them on 2nd March. The riseup group has now exceeded 50 members and more are expected following this month’s ride.

Future ride ideas include a ride of suits with bowler hatted cyclists Massing through Birmingham’s rush hour and heavy flyering along busy city cycle routes.

Dig for Victory
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06.02.2007 14:49

This was my first ever Critical Mass and alsomy 2 year old daughter Kali's first CM. We both had a great time. I was particularly takenby how caring the rest of the CM group were, always making sure that Kali was kept as safe as possible.

watching the hand gestures and hearing the comments of many an irate driver was excellent. They must have been excessively eager to get somewhere!!!!!!!!
The only downside (and this really is no criticism at all) that i see is the start time. Prsonally i would prefer to start at 5 or 5.30. I thin we'd have much more of an impact if we could slow dwn the traffic before the traffic slows itself down. Critical Mass with many more members cycling from 5 to 7 gets my vote

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