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Tariq Ali at The Drum - Thu 17 May 7.30pm

brum imcista | 26.04.2007 09:39 | Analysis | Terror War | Birmingham

The Drum in partnership with South Asian Alliance & the Venezuela Information Centre presents:

Resistance, Radicalism and Writing: In Conversation with Tariq Ali

Thu 17 May 7.30pm at The Drum

A Pakistani exile in London for the last four decades, anti-war intellectual, writer, historian and filmmaker Tariq Ali has persuasively spoken out against religious bigotry, military dictatorship, neo-liberal economics and American hegemony. As well as writing scripts for the stage and screen Ali has written over a dozen books on history and politics, including Can Pakistan Survive?, The Nehrus and the Ghandhis: An Indian Dynasty, Street Fighting Years and Clash of Fundamentalisms. His latest book Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope is a timely examination of the rise of populist movements in three Latin American countries that have unified to stand against neo-liberalism and American aggression.

This event will profile Ali’s prolific writing career within the context of an extraordinary life, followed by a Book Signing.

“We live in a world where illusions are sacred and truth profane.”

Tariq Ali

Tickets are on sale now £4

The Drum 144 Potters Lane Aston Birmingham B6 4UU

Book your tickets at

or by contacting The Drum Customer Service Team on 0121 333 2444

brum imcista


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