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Election Circus Comes to Town! Brummagem Star issue 1

D | 27.04.2007 11:42 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

Roll Up! Roll Up! The political equivalent of Billy Smart's Circus with be in your area! Clowns to the Left and Jokers to the Right, can the rest please stay in line and do as you are told. Thank you and have a nice day.

Brum Star p1
Brum Star p1

Brum Star p2
Brum Star p2

Brum Star p3
Brum Star p3

Brum Star p4
Brum Star p4

5000 copies of Brummagem Star have been posted door to door in the South Birmingham area over the past few weeks. Issue 1 of the free paper has a 'Guide to Guilty Parties'; from Galloway Ego party to the Turd munching BNP via all the other unsavoury butchers, bullshitters and Etonians. It also has articles on anti-social behaviour, the higher education cash-in and community solidarity.

‘Tony Blair’s Nan doesn’t have to borrow money to pay the electric bill. David Cameron doesn’t queue up in my doctors. And Nick Griffin hasn’t done a days graft in his life’

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  1. great stuff! — I like it
  2. Awesome — bsyndicalist
  3. and it's yoghurt-weaver free — @
  4. Brilliant — Bradley Nuttal
  5. so don't vote against fascists? — andy
  6. If voting changed anything... — Bruised shins
  7. Voting aen't the answer to the bnp! — Rich