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Birmingham BNP Election Fraud

D | 30.04.2007 09:05 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Brummagem Star exposes BNP candidates using bogus nominees for the 3rd of May council elections.

Candidates for the BNP have been using bogus nominees to make up the ten required to be able to stand for a ward. Following the exposure of such in the East Handsworth and Lozells ward, there is now evidence of false nomination papers being submitted by them in a further two wards.

Investigations have exposed that the BNP candidate for Soho, Darren John Allen, claimed to be nominated by Daljit Singh Dodd. When contacted, Mr Dodd strongly denied being a nominee and said that he had only signed a petition against a further mosque being built in the area. Mr Dodd was outraged by details being used for this purpose and said he is prepared to testify should matters go to court.

In Aston, their candidate Pamela Joan Allen has claimed the support of Khaliq Mohammed who told us he had been tricked onto signing the nomination papers without understanding what they were for.

Investigations are still ongoing into the nominations for Lee Saunders the BNP candidate in Ladywood.

“These incidents expose the dishonesty of the party and brings into question the credibility of the election process. Immediate action should be taken against these invalid and fraudulent candidates who should be withdrawn from the ballot. It further shows that the BNP have not got the city wide support that they wish to portray by their claim of being able to stand a candidate in every ward.”

Andrew Richardson researcher for ‘Brummagem Star’

The above details have been forwarded to Birmingham City Council Elections Office.

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