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BNP Candidate Pleads Innocence

Kirklees Unity | 30.04.2007 10:13 | Anti-racism | Migration | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

BNP Candidate Pleads Innocence-We dont believe him

A MIDLAND BNP candidate who likes to dress up as a German trooper to re-enact World War Two battles, has denied having any sympathy with Adolf Hitler or the Nazis.

BNP Candidate Pleads Innocence-We dont believe him

A MIDLAND BNP candidate who likes to dress up as a German trooper to re-enact World War Two battles, has denied having any sympathy with Adolf Hitler or the Nazis.

Double glazing boss Karl Newman, aged 48, who is standing as a BNP candidate for Redditch in Thursday's local elections, collects and sells Nazi memorabilia on his website.

"If I thought there was any link between the BNP and Nazis, I would resign tomorrow," said Mr Newman, who is standing in Redditch's Greenlands ward.

"I don't agree with what the Nazis did and the Holocaust was appalling. I used to take part in battle re-enactments but I haven't done much of that lately. I have only been in the BNP for a year. I am not a racist. I have Jamaican and Asian friends and a Polish employee."

Mr Newman, who runs Redditch-based Mount Pleasant Windows Ltd, has now removed several photographs bearing swastikas from his website and erased Nazi memorabilia.

But a spokesman for the group Unite Against Fascism, said: "Karl Newman's Nazi obsession is sickening."

And Jaqui Smith, Labour MP for Redditch, said: "Redditch people are decent and tolerant. I am shocked that someone seeking to be an elected representative celebrates the Nazis."

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30.04.2007 12:05

only got as far as ive got a polish worker...brilliant ...if it wasnt so sad and dangerous....ive got a polish worker...wot and most of them coincidently dont happen to be racists??? yeah right!!.....ever tried to get into england if your poor and black...but poor n white n polish...wave em through sarge...baldy polish looks like a good bnp vote to me....of course i know lots of polish people arnt racist...but anyhow well done for putting this up...keep up the good works against the scum wherevever there from..cos we shall win when the decisive time come sistren n brethrin....


BNP man's FREEPHONE number

30.04.2007 14:12

Why not contact the Company (Mount Pleasant windows) which is wholly owned by BNP candidate Karl Newman and tell them what you think of his politics and hobbies? They have a FREEPHONE number, 0500 131344, so every call you make will be paid for by the company, which is wholly owned by Newman. Circulate the number, ring from a callbox in the evening and leave it off thehook, hit this idiot's profits!

PS. Don't give the receptionist a hard time, it's not her fault her boss is a fascist twat. The aim is to stay on the line as long as possible and cost him money!



01.05.2007 07:44

The troll poster who misleadingly calls themselves "Anti-BNP" is infact a pro-Redwatch neo-Nazi troll, posting the business phone number, trying to make anti-racists appear unethical.

Don't be fooled by the nazi trolls, folks. It's all part of their "covert tactics" of the white supremacist loser lobby.

Agent provocateuring is the name of the game, when the price is right.

It wouldn't surprise me if "Anti-BNP" is Watmough himself, trying to justify the hate-site Redwatch through such childishly smear tactics.


linda lovelace

Let's Defeat The Trolls

01.05.2007 08:12

If people read between the lines, and intelligently discover who the agent-provocateurs are, the trolls will be defeated!!!


The nazi loving BNP candidate in the article, sounds like an older, more eccentic version of Hitler-fetishist (who wants all black people dead!), Mark Collett.

Mark Collett Worships Hitler

slay the trolls

01.05.2007 08:15

That's the problem with indymedia, the trolls


What's unethical?

01.05.2007 09:49

Don't understand why you suspect the poster who put up the freefone number as being a troll.....what's unethical about phoning a fascist candidate's business freefone number, to cost them money? I'#ve phone it and had a long rant at the bloke - great!


Your the Nazi's

01.05.2007 13:46

Well you brave lot, sat there ringing the given number, do you not think that you should open your eyes before pointing fingers? Living history or re-enactment is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK, There are 1000's of re-enactors who play at being Germans none of which are Nazi's, and there are strict codes of practise at events. I think you are the one's acting like Nazi's by encouraging others to call that number, threats, humilation, intimidation, abuse hmmm does sound very nazi dont you think?
As for Bill, Guess what he is Gay, yeap Gay as can be, I also know where he lives and I am sure many out there would just love to get this info, But guess what, I wont be drawn into acting like the Nazi's you lot are. Just ask him how he spends his Friday evenings? lets see the truth Billy Boy, everyones hiding something if we know where to look!


Just Suppose...

02.05.2007 14:58

Just suppose that someone who has literally kicked a BNP representative down his garden path, after he knocked at the door, has genuine concerns about immigration into this country? Then what?

Is it wrong to utter these concerns? Is it wrong to ask why, precisely, people who are admittedly in fear and fleeing from an oppresive regime choose to travel through numerous countries / places of safety and come here? Is it not safe in France / Spain / Italy etc? Can our economy sustain this rate of immigration?

I am here to learn. I am not a racist / troll / BNP fifth columnist; I'm just a hardworking bloke who worries about the future, but has never really shared his concerns. I'd be grateful if someone with more knowledge than myself could answer / respond to my concerns.