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WM Climate Camp Meeting: 23rd May

West Midlands Climate Camper | 22.05.2007 18:36 | Climate Camp 2007 | Climate Chaos | Birmingham

A crucial meeting about the West Midlands mobilisation for the Camp For Climate action 2007


Tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd May, sees the latest in a series of regular meeting in Digbeth organising the Birmingham/West Midlands mobilisation for this year's climate camp.

This will be a crucial meeting as it is the first WM meeting to be held since the decision was made as to the location of the camp at the latest national gathering. Time is short now and this meeting will decide a lot about how the west midlands neighborhood will function and what type of local action we might want to take.

The meeting takes place at the Spotted Dog, Alcester St, Digbeth at 7:30pm.

West Midlands Climate Camper
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