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"Anti-British stickers spark protests"

paul | 24.05.2007 22:53 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Terror War | Birmingham

"Residents in an inner city suburb are calling on local authorities to tear down a rash of anti-British stickers which have appeared round Alum Rock."

offending muslim sticker anti-british
offending muslim sticker anti-british

adam yosef saltley gate peace group community group
adam yosef saltley gate peace group community group

Is being anti-British really classed as 'racism'???

read on:

opinions? I'd say the stickers are more anarchist than racist, see.....



Demo Flyer

24.05.2007 23:08


Islam is not being attacked?

25.05.2007 10:29

Islam is not being attacked? What planet are you living on?

Islamophobia Watch is doing a good job of documenting the war against Islam -- check it out:

The Anglo-Americial Empire doesn't care about religion, but they care about oil and when 60% of the worlds reserves are in countries where Islam is the main religion it gives them a reason to stoke racism, see:

The "Demonization" of Muslims and the Battle for Oil
Michel Chossudovsky


Wise Words from Antagonist

26.05.2007 17:30

"Not only must the question be asked about how the organisers have managed to secure permission for the demonstration at Downing Street, inside the exclusion zone, the question must also be asked about how racist, neo-nazi groupings have managed to rally 645 people against something that could only have been known about by anyone other than the organisers just five weeks ago, well in advance of the event receiving any publicity, long before the site contained anything more than the front page and a couple of PDFs, and long before Muslims -- in whose name the protest is allegedly being organised -- knew of its existence.

The British Oppression demonstration organised for 15th June 2007 outside Downing Street appears to be a rather clever set-up by those who seek to gain from setting up antagonisms between ordinary human beings on the basis of superficial differences. More correctly it would be a very clever set-up if the people upon whom such confidence tricks are consistently being played weren't already wise to the true nature of the tactics that comprise the State's war on people, tactics which include the State having at its disposal a handful of radical whoevers -- in this case "Muslims" -- whose core business is cropping up and making a lot of noise when it best serves the interests of the State for them to do so.

The British Oppression event and the separatist basis for its organisation is a misdirection of the highest order. Muslims would do well to steer clear of it, as they would do well to steer clear of any other event whose founding premises are based on the same divisive, divide and conquer tactics that seek to segregate people from each other and which only ever serve the interests of the State and never the best interests of the people.

Luckily for the population at large, those elements of the State tasked with pulling off such high profile media stunts have blown almost all of the radical "Muslim" resources at their disposal -- hence the resurgence of Omar Bakri Mohammad and associated groupings and hence why Herr Doktor John Reid is happy to call a State of Emergency that would annihilate everyone's human rights -- as the State endeavours to manufacture from Islam "a threat bigger than Hitler", a threat the magnitude of which only the State itself could ever represent, just as it was Hitler's own fascist state that presented the greatest threat the German people ever faced."

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See also

26.05.2007 23:25

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