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Rostock: rap against fortress Europe

brum imcista | 04.06.2007 20:46 | G8 Germany 2007 | Migration | Birmingham

Thousands of people demonstrated against the Border Regime in Rostock this afternoon. There was a rally at a detention centre in the suburbs of Rosstock with speakers from the detention centre. What followed was a lively march into the centre of Rosstock, although the police didn't want the march to reach it's intended destination - the city's harbour, where the police provoked a surreal riot on Saturday.

The march organisers were apparently told by the police to follow an alternative route, but they refused and thousands of people made their own way to the harbour with the help of a sound system playing some banging tunes and an amazing political rap about Europe's border regime.

Here's part of a translation of the rap which someone in the Friedrichstraße Indymedia centre translated. Hopefully someone can translate the rest :)

"Demonstrate against fortress Europe! Demonstrate against all borders! Just another announcement: It would be nice if people come around the truck. And now here is someone who has prepared something for you.

I wrote a rap... Its about the struggle of migrant workers which was organised in (St. Joseph's camp)? Here it comes in accapella:

I want to tell you a short story, its not in the media. Its not about celebrities, and their 'so important' lives. If you watch tv, it seems there is no underclass. Its about white shirts with dirty collars. I want to teach you.. Imagine Manhatten and ask yourself who cleans the floors? Think of the managers, I would like to ask them: "Do you know Maria, who is cleaning your desktop?" She is cleaning the stairs and the houses, and washes the windows. She does not ask for breaks or better wages because she is frightened of her boss calling the immigration office. She is from Mexico. Everyday she is threatened by death.."

brum imcista


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