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Postal workers strike against pay limit: It’s a fight for us all

redletter | 27.06.2007 14:52 | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Postal workers strike against pay limit: It’s a fight for us all

by John Farnan, CWU union executive

We are asking every worker in Britain to support our strike on Friday of this week to stop Royal Mail’s devastating business plan. This plan will mean cuts in your postal service, fewer collections and deliveries, even more post office closures and cuts to workers’ pay and conditions.

Over 77 percent of Royal Mail workers voted for a strike.

That tells you about the mood. They are fed up with being told by their top bosses – who collect a million pounds a year – that they are 25 percent overpaid and 40 percent underworked.

Now they face a 2.5 percent pay offer at a time when inflation is nearly twice that rate. That’s a pay cut.

Postal workers are on £323 a week basic – why should they have lower pay forced on them?

Postal workers are fed up with the threat of 40,000 job losses, harsh new conditions, and work transferred to private firms who prosper under the competition regime.

I hope everyone backs the strike in any way they can.

Come to a picket line if possible, and tell your friends and workmates about our case.

More and more unions are talking about coordinated action. I spoke recently at a meeting with members of the PCS civil service workers’ union, the NUT teachers’ union and the Unison public sector workers’ union.

You could feel that we all face the same issues and need to work closely together.

The outcome of the CWU strike will be very important for every trade unionist and everyone who believes in public services.

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