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Mainstream media ignore the plight of MOVE 9 and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal

brum imcista | 02.07.2007 13:24 | Ecology | Repression | Birmingham

Last Saturday, the sole adult survivor of the FBI's bombing of the MOVE organisation's home in Philadelphia, Ramona Africa and long term MOVE supporter Fred Riley came to speak in Birmingham. Six adults and five children died in this infamous police massacre of May 13, 1985.

Ramona and Fred are touring the UK, speaking and showing a new documentary about MOVE to galvanise support for the MOVE 9, due for probation later this year, and Mumia Abu-Jamal's ongoing legal battle against the death sentence.

Although a press release highlighting the experiences of Ramona, the MOVE 9 and incarcerated journalist Mumia Abu-Jumal was circulated widely to local and national press contacts, there was no coverage of the speaking tour and film showing in the mainstream press in Birmingham. The only coverage Ramona and Fred received was a radio interview on Unity FM - 'the only Muslim led community radio station in Birmingham'. The show airs at 5 pm today (Monday 2nd July 07) on 93.5 FM in Birmingham.

Ramona Africa and Fred Riley being interviewed on Unity FM
Ramona Africa and Fred Riley being interviewed on Unity FM

Sammi interviewing Ramona and Fred
Sammi interviewing Ramona and Fred

During the interview Ramona talks about her experiences of the bombing and the beliefs of the MOVE organisation. She also talks about the MOVE 9 who were framed and imprisoned since 1978 as part of the CIA and FBI's Cointelpro programme, following a similar attack on their home. Cointelpro was a covert operation by the CIA and the FBI to discredit radical and revolutionary groups in the States. It also targeted the Black Civil Rights Movement and Trade Union activists. Ramona also highlights the plight of MOVE-supporter Mumia Abu-Jamal who has been on death row since 1982 for a crime he did not commit.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is a renowned journalist from Philadelphia who has been in prison since 1981 and on death row since 1983 for allegedly shooting Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. He is known as the "Voice of the Voiceless" for his award-winning reporting on police brutality. Mumia has received international support over the years in his efforts to overturn his unjust conviction.

MOVE is a revolutionary organisation started in the USA, which fights to protect all life by spreading information and standing against the systems that harm life. They were strident anti-racism and environmental campaigners long before the mainstream took up the issues.The word MOVE is not an acronym. It means exactly what it says: MOVE, work, generate, be active. Everything that's alive moves. If it didn't, it would be stagnant, dead. Movement is the principle of Life.

The MOVE film and speaking tour continues this evening at the Cube Cinema in Bristol.

brum imcista
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Ramona and Fred's interview will be broadcast on Monday July 9th at 5 pm

04.07.2007 13:10

Don't forget to tune in to Unity FM at 5 pm next Monday!

brum imcista

AUDIO: Ramona Africa's Tour in the UK

05.07.2007 19:28

Check out this excellent audio from earlier in the week

Free the MOVE 9
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