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Free Felix - Join the National March & Rally in Oxford

West Midlands Animal Action | 10.07.2007 17:42 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Coach transport is available from the West Midlands to this National March and Rally in Oxford City Centre, on Sat 1st September. This will be the biggest animal rights demo of the year, with over 1,000 marchers expected!!! (full details below)

SPEAK Campaigns - Free Felix National March & Rally in Oxford - Book your coach seats NOW!!!!

Felix is a primate who is currently incarcerated inside Oxford University and will be used in a series of experiments into brain function. The Home Office licence granted for the long-term experiments on Felix allows the infliction of severe/substantial suffering.

Felix has been condemned by Oxford University to live the rest of his life behind bars in a cage that is barely big enough for him. Oxford University will never allow him to see beyond the bars into the natural world where he was born and once lived before being kidnapped and sold to the university. Oxford University will never allow him breathe the fresh air he once did. Oxford University will never allow him to interact and form relationships with his own kind ever again; he will be kept in isolation. His life now will be one of torment and suffering……unless we help him!

Oxford University's vivisectors will implant electrodes deep into his brain peeling away the top of his skull, yet Felix suffering will not end there, this is just a beginning, as Felix can expect months even years of experiments to be performed on him……unless we help him!

Finally, when he has served his tormentors’ purpose and outlived his usefulness, he will be killed and dumped like a piece of rubbish…..unless we help him!

But there is hope for Felix and you are that hope, we are that hope. Already a sanctuary has agreed to take Felix, help us to ‘Free Felix’, Felix needs you and we need you to help us. Wherever you live in the UK, Europe or even the World please join us and together we can Free Felix. Felix is a bright sentient individual whose life belongs to him and no one else.

Join us in Oxford and together we can free Felix from his nightmare. Watch the Fighting for Felix video here

This event will include a march round the city centre and a rally on Oxpens Park where there`ll be stalls and hot and cold vegan food. Transport is being organised from all parts of the UK. More details about the event can be found on the SPEAK Campaigns website

Midlands Coach Transport

Coach transport has now been booked for this event and will pick up as follows:
Redditch Taxi Rank by Magistrates Court - 9am
Birmingham Post and Mail Building, Colmore Circus - 9.45am
Coventry White Street Coach Station - 10.30am

Coach seats cost £10 waged and £5 unwaged.

If you know that you want to attend, PLEASE BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

To book seats please send cheques(payable to `West Midlands Animal Action`) or Postal Orders to the address below. Please include your name, the number of seats you require, where you intend to board the coach and your telephone number.

Send to: West Midlands Animal Action, PO Box 10202, Redditch, Worcs. B98 8YT.

Please help us to publicise the event, distribute leaflets(available from SPEAK), display posters at work/school etc, encourage your friends and family to join you on the coach. Lets make this event massive!!!

For more details, please email us or call 07963 606194.

West Midlands Animal Action
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