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Victoria Square Crown Post Office Birmingham Solidarity Banner Drop

Postman Pat and his Wildcat | 19.07.2007 07:09 | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

Early in the morning, just as day was dawning, Postman Pat and his Wildcat shinned up some scaffolding at the Crown Postal Office in Victoria Square, Birmingham, and unfurled a large banner in solidarity with all the striking workers at Crown Postal Offices.

Victoria Square Crown Post Office Birmingham Solidarity Banner Drop
Victoria Square Crown Post Office Birmingham Solidarity Banner Drop

Post Office staff are striking today because they face up to 1500 job losses and 80% of staff face pay cuts. There are also plans to cull Crown Postal Offices across the country, and sell off 85 post offices to WH Smith.

The banner reads, 'People not Profit - Save Our Post Office'. Royal Mail's so-called 'business plan' and 'modernisation' reflects the increased privatisation of our core services. This represents 'the thin end of the wedge’; public sector jobs are being hived-off to corporations whose sole motivation is the accumulation of profit at the expense of services and jobs.

Solidarity with the Posties!

Postman Pat and his Wildcat


Up the Posties! Up the scaffing!

19.07.2007 10:06

That banner looks the bollox! Well done to the comrades for getting up early and shinning up the scaffing. There is a lot of unrest in Birmingham (as well as the country as a whole) when it comes to job security. There have been a lot of 'cut backs' over the last few years - HP, Rover, Cov Car workers. I think there are going plenty to come - Post Office workers, Blood Service, Jaguar, Land Rover. We have got show solidarity and resistance and be prepared to organise.

The capitalists don't give a shit about us, our families or communities. They are loyal only to the profit margin. Whether you can pay the rent or feed the kids is incidental.

An injury to One is an injury to All


Crowning glory

19.07.2007 15:20

I have just got back from Solihull and KIngs Heath after helping CWU members with their picket lines today.
After speaking to one of your guys at Solihull this morning I thought I'd check out your website.
Just as this came up I got a call from the office saying what had hapened....what a fantastic stunt...I hope no animals were injured during filming!
Thanx for your support

Dave S

Dave Smith
mail e-mail:

New Postal Workers Chat Forum

19.07.2007 17:57

Check out this chat forum for all postal workers. It's run by postal workers too.

Lot's of news, gotta register first though.

brum wobbly
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