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UK Bangladeshis robbed via 'First Solution' still haven't got their money!

UK Bangladeshis’©Action Committee to Get the People Their Money Back | 07.09.2007 10:06 | Migration | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | London

We are continuing to the put these Open Questions to Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway because it was his involvement [including his speech on the subject in the House of Commons on 18 July 2007] 'to help the victims' that was used by a number of elements to implement their diversion away from the shoulders of the perpetrators.

We are also doing so because we have not had any response from the offices of G Galloway or answers from anyone that has been claimed by the 'Respect' 'coalition ' to be 'campaigning for the victims'

UK Bangladeshis’©Action Committee to Get the People Their Money Back [from the perpetrators who stole and or misappropriate the money ‘via’ ‘First Solution’]

1000 Hrs GMT

Continuing further Open Questions to George Galloway MP for Bethnal Green and Bow. We do so upon our having found new evidence that the secondary fraudsters whom we have identified and referred to in our previous posts and publications, have included a number of elements that have posted as being engaged in helping the people get their money back. In fact these ones have only got involved because they wanted to cover up the perpetrators' offences and to shied them from the pressure of the community to return the money to the people.

One of the very first things that we have noticed [from the beginning of July 2007] was, and has been the importance being placed on the ‘speech’ that George Galloway was going to make in the House of Commons. We pointed out to all concerned that such a speech would aid the cause of the crooks. Not that the speech would be made to aid the crooks. But that such a move would aid the process of diverting attention away from the crooks.

The other thing that we pointed out was that the primary responsibility for returning the money to the people ay with the crooks, not with the UK Parliament.

Did Mr Galloway pay any attention to this? We have asked this question bit have not had any response to it.

We are again asking this and other questions and we are doing so publicly so that there can be no doubt as to when we are asking these open questions and where.

1. Why did you not include in your speech in the House of Commons on 18 July 2007 any reference to the fact that the convicted criminal whom you named was also being aided and batted by apparently unconvicted criminals linked with certain influential members of the Tower Hamlets Council?
2. Why did you not deal with the statement by Tower Hamlets Council leadership released within the first week of the ‘news’ of the people’s money being robbed and or stolen, saying that as far as that leadership was concerned, the people might not get their money back?
3. Why did you not refer to the fact that one of the most-mentioned perpetrators in the ‘loss’ of the peoples’ money was – and remains- in ked with some very over-hyped members of the New Labour Party?

4. Why didn’t you mention the fact that people in the community did not ask for a diversionary move? That the main demand in the community was for the people to be returned their money?

5. You did mention the prevalent anger in the East End and elsewhere in the UK Bangladeshi community overt the disappearance of the people money. But you did not mention anything about what was being done by members of the community to get the people their money back. Why? Was it because you did not know what was happening? Or was it because you did not want to put on the record any substantive action being taken by member of the Bangladeshi community?

6. It has been noted that the ‘East London Advertiser’ has been praised by you in your speech as delivered in the House of Commons. Why did you praise the ‘East London Advertiser’? What is it that they did to deserve being praised by you? Did they tell the truth about what happened? Presumably they would. But dud they? Did they even know what happened? Presumably they would know what happened. But did they?

[To be continued]

UK Bangladeshis’©Action Committee to Get the People Their Money Back
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Update due during 15.11.2007

15.11.2007 10:05

UK Bangladeshis’©Action Committee to Get the People Their Money Back
Update due during 15.11.2007

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