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Palestine Solidarity stall in Birmingham city centre

IMCista | 15.09.2007 22:15 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Birmingham

The Birmingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) again did a stall today outside Marks & Spencer on High Street, calling for boycotting Israeli goods and supporting the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and justice. The weekly stall has been going on since the second Palestinian Intifada in September 2000 and is aimed at raising the British public's awareness of what's really going on in occupied Palestine. Like many others, Marks & Spencer are known to sell Israeli goods produced on stolen Palestinian land.

Many leaflets were stacked on the stall and handed out to passers-by. One explained what the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was really about; another giving some background about the Enough campaign; a third about the peace in the Middle East and justice in Palestine; the old leaflet and petition calling for boycotting Israeli goods, in addition to some PSC newsletters.