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Burma: ask embassies in Rangoon to set up WiFi for photographic evidence

ymu | 01.10.2007 06:30 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London

The Junta have successfully cut off internet access to the outside world; some landlines are still working but mobiles can only pick up signals near the borders and are in any case rare at $1800 purchase price. The resistance have issued the following call for assistance via WiFi and the embassies in Rangoon.

Embassies in Rangoon urged to set up WIFI access for news

29.09.2007 11:54

29 Sep 07, 11:30 - MyoThant: A group of 88-generation activists are urging UN and US & UK embassies in Rangoon to open a 1-page web service via WIFI access to general public just to submit news photos (with user name: 2007, pw: 2007). Please write to them to request this.


Contact details:

British Embassy, Rangoon
HM Ambassador to Burma: Mark Canning

British Embassy
80 Strand Road (Box No 638)

Telephone: (95) (1) 370863
Facsimile: (95) (1) 370866
Email: (Consular Enquiries)

Office Hours:
GMT: Mon-Thurs: 0130-1000; Fri: 0130-0630
Local Time: Mon-Fri: 0800-1630; Fri: 0800-1300

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