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Direct Action news report from Greece

directactiongr | 01.10.2007 09:56 | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London

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Direct Action Report from Greece -


External surveillance camera sabotage (Thessaloniki, 27/09/2007)
Source (greek only): Athens IndyMedia

In the same area was found a flyer writing:

Side 1:

"The owners took their guns.

Few days ago, the ASPIS tax consulting agency branch in Ippodromiou Str. decorated its walls with the following threatening sign: "You who with audacity soil my property, there is a surprise for you, we shall all enjoy it", warning anyone that does graffiti in case he/she does not share this boss's aesthetics concerning the walls' cleanliness/property. In the same time, they also placed an exterior surveillance camera targeting the wall, so as to frame any "offenders"."

Side 2:

It turns out we were the ones to surprise them (we broke down the camera and threw wet paint on the shop) the morning of 27/9, and we certainly enjoyed it. It was just the beginning. Our lives are not to be monitored. Destroy the cameras."


Riot Policemen under attack (Athens, 26/09/2007)

"A group of suspected anarchists early yesterday hurled four petrol bombs at police patrol vehicles stationed in central Athens, close to opposition PASOK’s headquarters, but caused no injuries or damage. They all managed to elude arrest. A few hours later, police arrested 10 people near the same spot – most of whom had been in a local bar – and detained them for questioning. They were all released."


Technical School's sealed gate tore down (Athens, 25/09/2007)

Source (greek only): Athens Indymedia

An open assembly held the previous day by the self-managed infoshop of Architectural School and that of the Technical University, came up with the decision to bring down a sealed gate of the Technical University, facing Stournari Str, that was sealed after a decision made by the university dean named Moutzouris. The gate sealing had to do with its use as an exit from the university area, in cases of demonstrations and street clashes, as well as with the reformation of the universities as pure research facilities.



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