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Housing4All demonstration in Brum, Monday 8th Oct

Housing4All | 02.10.2007 19:59 | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Demonstrate for accessible housing and against homelessness and disability discrimination at Birmingham City Council House, Monday 8th Oct, 1pm

Housing4All took action and demonstrated at the Birmingham City Council House on Monday 17th September, to highlight the crisis of housing for disabled people.

There is the alarming situation of disabled people becoming homeless, as there are not enough accessible properties available.

We demonstrated for immediate housing for a homeless disabled person and illustrated the overall problem that affects all disabled people on the housing waiting lists in all areas of Birmingham.

His housing application was recieved by Birmingham City Council in January 2006. He listed 8 areas in Birmingham, on the application form, where he preferred to live. He has now been offered a place in an area not of his choice in his application, due to the stress he has faced, he is going to accept this as a short term solution and we will campaign for his and other disabled people's future long term housing.

We are now working to the next stages of the campaign. Housing4All is supported by the Coalition of Disabled People and DAN Disabled Peoples Direct Action Network.

The next demonstration will be where? The Birmingham City Council House. When? Monday 8th October. What time? 1pm.

For more details contact: Tom Comerford (Campaign Coordinator) on 0121 2447985 or 07816275985 or Paul Bowley (Coalition of Disabled People) on 07870238744.

For more details of the campaign see also

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