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Don't be a SCAB!

D | 05.10.2007 15:19 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham | World

West Midlands IWW show solidarity with the striking postal workers.

The Postal workers dispute continued this weekend with industrial action across the country. Negotiations between the CWU and management broke down again with the management refusing to budge.

West Midlands IWW have showed solidarity with fellow workers at the post office every time they have chosen to strike. The IWW continued this by hitting all the large sorting offices across Birmingham to promote the strike to the public.

They also wanted to remind strike breakers that they are scabs and if they continue to betray fellow workers in future disputes then these scabs will become legitimate targets. One IWW member commented, ‘The Newtown sorting office had plenty of workers who were prepared break the picket. This cannot continue. We believe in one out-all out. Scabs will not be tolerated and dealt with accordingly.’

The crux of the matter boils down to the post office being privately owned. In order to create more profit, the management have sought to ‘modernise’ through the possible sacking of thousands of workers. This is also coupled with a below inflation pay rise of 2.5%, which is essentially a pay cut.

The post office are also proposing ‘modernising’ the high street post offices by shifting the counter staff into WH Smith stores. They are sending a clear message of contempt to those who use the post office on a regular basis. The post office is no longer a service but yet another way in which the money grubbing capitalists can eek out cash at our expense.

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