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Turkey’s invasion can lead to catastrophic consequences

Kawah | 21.10.2007 11:36 | Anti-militarism | Birmingham | World

Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan) is facing new real threat of invasion from the intolerant and oppressive state of Turkey.

Southern Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan) is facing new real threat of invasion from the intolerant and oppressive state of Turkey. The Turkish parliament and government have given a green light to the military forces to invade Kurdish territory inside Iraq, and this is no surprise to the Kurds, who know the Turkish view towards Kurds in general. By putting the threat into action Turkey will again use military means for dealing with the Kurdish question instead of looking for solutions. This will bring the stability of Southern Kurdistan in jeopardy and can lead to catastrophic consequences. In addition this will mean a clear violation of international law concerning non-intervention and the principles of state sovereignty.

Kurds in the northern part of Kurdistan, which is under the control of Turkey, have as much right to their freedom as any other people in the world. Turkey is the state that denies the cultural, political and economic rights of 15-20 million Kurds in their own homeland. The Kurdish struggle for their rights is a just cause, but they have no support from the international community because of the existence of real politic policies of powerful states.
The Kurdish military fight for their national rights is only a reaction against the Turkish policy of denial and its oppressive attitude to any Kurdish demands for freedom.
For a better future between Kurds and Turks a peaceful solution for the Kurdish question is the only reliable way forward. This requires action and a serious plan for reconciliation led and observed by the international community.

Since there is a reasonable peace and stability in Southern Kurdistan, the only stable region in Iraq, if Turkey invades border areas and makes further incursions the result will be disturbances and instability. An unstable Kurdish territory does not serve the already unsettled political atmosphere in Iraq.

We ask powerful states, EU, UN and international humanitarian organizations to take immediate action for the Kurdish case in Turkey, stop Turkish bombardment of Kurdish villages, and prevent Turkish invasion into the Southern Kurdistan. Kurds welcome any step toward a democratic solution, and hope for a helping hand from the international community.

The Center of Halabja against Anfalization and Genocide of the Kurds – CHAK

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