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Birmingham students say no to a 'career in killing'

Birmingham Uni Student | 24.10.2007 20:32 | Anti-militarism | Education | Birmingham

A group of concerned students today protested the presence of the largest arms company in Europe, BAE Systems, at one of the University of Birmingham's biggest career events of the year.

...BAE's staff had little to say about their own careers in killing...
...BAE's staff had little to say about their own careers in killing...

The students carried out a 'weapons inspection' of BAE Systems, the largest arms company in Europe, by taping off their stall and 'collecting evidence' to support the case against the companies long history of complicity with human rights abusers and endemic corruption.They also distributed leaflets to students imploring them to reconsider working for the arms company and providing them with further
information about the case against BAE. The protest concluded with a mass 'die in' of the participants.

The protest is part of a wider campaign against the presence of 'arms and oil' on the campus, including their widespread involvement in university research. Aaron Woodcroft, one of the protesters, said “We hope that BAE Systems will choose not to return to the university and we are committed to disrupt any future incursions onto campus by their staff. We need to send a clear message to companies like BAE Systems that they are not welcome at our university and undermine the role of the university in society at large by distorting research agendas and snatching graduates from areas where they could promote the preservation of human life rather than its destruction”.

Birmingham Uni Student