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'The Animals' film screening with Q & A with Victor Schonfeld

brum imcista | 26.10.2007 14:18 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

Friday 9th November
Screen 2, 8pm midlands arts centre (mac)

On only its 3rd night on-air, Channel 4 screened The Animals Film, broadcasting it entirely uninterrupted by any commercial breaks. This remarkable, pioneering and definitive documentary about the exploitation of animals in modern society caused huge shockwaves and received worldwide critical acclaim: Pick-of-the-Week & Pick-of-the-Day in all UK national newspapers, and extensively covered in front-page news and feature stories across the world. 25 years after its release, this controversial classic is still shockingly relevant today in its analysis. With music by Talking Heads and Robert Wyatt.

'I do not know when I have been so moved by the power of the cinema as a medium to transform the entire sensibility of an audience.' The Sunday Times

'Startling... impeccable... a storm of approval for The Animals Film.' The Guardian

This special event screening will be introduced by the Director Victor Schonfeld with a chance for the audience to ask questions afterwards.

Documentary at mac:
The Animals Film (15)
Dir: Victor Schonfeld & Myriam Alaux: UK 1981 2h
Narrator: Julie Christie

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