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'Hands Off Iraqi Oil' speaker tour - Monday 19th Nov - University of Birmingham

Brum Uni student | 14.11.2007 11:31 | Iraq | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

The 'Hands off Iraqi Oil' speaker tour comes to Lecture Theatre G33, School of Education, University of Birmingham on Monday 19th November @ 6pm.

What is the agenda of foreign oil companies towards Iraq? What has
been the role of the British government in furthering these agendas in

How have Iraqis, particularly Iraqi workers, responded to this agenda?
What is the Iraqi Hydrocarbon Law and what impact will it have, if
passed, on sectarianism and the entrenchment of the occupation in

What can we do about the impacts of these agendas here in the UK?

Greg Muttitt is an internationally recognised oil industry expert. He
is a Co-Director of independent oil industry analysts and human rights
organisation PLATFORM. He has been with the organisation since 2000.
He leads the work on Iraq and on resource sovereignty. He is the
author of the seminal studies: Crude Designs, Pumping Poverty and
Degrees of Capture. He was previously a founder of Corporate Watch.

Ewa Jasiewicz is a human rights activist, and journalist. Ewa spent 9
months living in occupied Iraq and working with Iraqi oil workers. She
recently returned from the Iraq Petroleum 2007 conference in Dubai
where she reported for the Independent on Sunday. She also works for

Brum Uni student