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Buy Nothing Day – 24th November 2007

Dig For Victory | 22.11.2007 14:40 | Birmingham

The last Saturday of November sees International Buy Nothing Day taking place in many corners of the globe; particularly the affluent corners!

This year Buy Nothing Day will be marked in Birmingham city centre by a number of activities aimed at raising the profile of a range of aspects associated with mass consumerism.
Several groups will be putting together Buy Nothing Day themed stalls, displays and events, including a Santa Claus parade, Free Shops, Free Food, Bicycle-powered Free Drinks and (free) Music.
If you have anything to give away for free, be it possessions, ideas or skills then leave your money at home and get outside to enjoy a consumption free day.
Buy Nothing Day aims to challenge consumer lifestyles on environmental, human rights and political grounds, but if you have other reasons to “Stop Shopping” then Saturday 24th would be an ideal time to tell the world about them.

Dig For Victory